Deep in the heart of Europe, is Germany - a country full of attractions. Delightful countryside, towns and cities with an abundance of historic buildings and art treasures, romantic monasteries and churches, places, castles, town walls, gates and towers.

This is where i was born in May 1963

Heilbronn is a city in northern Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Heilbronn is located in the northern corner of the Neckar basin at the bottom of the Wartberg (308 m). It occupies both banks of the Neckar, and the highest spot inside city limits is the Schweinsberg with a height of 372 meters. Heilbronn is adjacent to Schwäbisch-Fränkischer Wald State Park and is surrounded by vineyards.


Baden-Wurttemberg has some of the country's most charming countryside. It embraces not only the Black Forest, a very popular recreational area in the Central Uplands, or Lake Constance, known locally as the 'Swabian Sea', but also the green valleys of the Rhine and the Danube, the Neckar and the Tauber, the rugged Schwabische Alb and the gentle Markgraflerland.

The central Neckar region with the state capital Stuttgart is Baden-Wurttemberg's industrial and cultural centre. Mannheim's Kunsthalle and Reiss-Museum are outstanding landmarks. The minsters of Ulm and Freiburg are monuments to southern Germany's architectural pre-eminence. Heidelberg's castele and the old city centre attract visitors from all over the world.

Not only blessed by nature, it is also an ideal crossroads for
transport and communications. Intellectual and artistic achievements
fill many a chapter of German cultural and literary history, such as
the writers Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805) and Friedrich Holderlin
(1770-1843), or the philosophers Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
(1770-1831) and Martin Heidegger (1889-1976).


And the Black Forest's traditional cuckoo-clocks are not confined to the Clock Museum in Furtwangen but taken to all corners of the globe by tourists.

Traditional crafts and modern industry are the backbone of the
economy. In and around Stuttgart are the headquarters of Daimler Benz, Bosch, IBM, SEL and the sports car manufacturer Porsche.

Adjacent to the central Neckar industrial region are Karlsruhe with its oil refineries, Mannheim and Heidelberg , which make buses and printing machinery respectively, but also Freiburg and Ulm ) with their extensive service industries. When Germany was reunited Baden-Wurttemberg began to establish close ties with the new state of Saxony, which is similar in structure.

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